Works by Members

Bob Bancks

Bob Bancks began writing when he retired from farming and has published several novels, a collection of short stories, and a memoir, The Adventures of Bobby, Iowa Farm Boy, through Pearl City Press.

Anna Counter

Anna Counter is the author of I’m Jesse and co-authored the book Two Paths, One Understanding with her brother, Jim Counter.

Paul Fitzpatrick

Paul Fitzpatrick is a retired pastor, musician, and author of the spiritual memoir Walking with My Daughter’s Cane.

Jason Liegois

Jason Liegois is the director of Liegois Media and author of the novel The Holy Fool: A Journalist’s Revolt.

Misty Urban

Misty Urban is the author of three short story collections, a comedic bodyswap novel, and assorted scholarship on the subject of medieval romance and monstrous women. Follow her at

Rebecca Whitmore

Rebecca Whitmore is the author of Boots, a story about the resident cat that benefits the Muscatine Center for Social Action in Muscatine, IA, and editor of Rusted From the Rain, a collection of poetry by MCSA residents and guests. Her most recent story is Find a Penny, which benefits the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine.