May news

WOTA will meet on Tuesday, May 17 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in room 301 of Musser Public Library. Bring a pen, bring a friend, bring a short work to share!

If you’re looking for inspiration, the words for the May writing challenge are:

loquacious, wanderlust, suspicious, audit, train, emissary, savant, observant, perfunctory, soap

Feel free to share your piece here as a comment to this post! Just remember that, because we welcome writers of all ages and genres, we’ve agreed that our shared work will be suitable for general audiences.

Some other area events to keep an eye on:

Registrations are open for the Society of Great River Poet’s Creativity Camp. For details on sessions, camping arrangements, and more, click here.

Missed the May newsletter? You can find a copy here.

May the creative force be with you, today and always!

Spring Meetings

Join us from 6:00 – 8:00 pm in room 301 of Musser Public Library in Muscatine to share work and inspiration on these dates:

Tuesday, January 18

Tuesday, February 15

Tuesday, March 15

Bring a pen, bring a friend, bring a short work to share! You might also want to bring along a mask.

Holiday Party & Open Mic

Join us for a holiday party and open mic to celebrate the season and WOTA! We’ll meet from 6:oo to 8:00 pm in room 301 of Musser Public Library on Tuesday, December 21. Wear your favorite festive attire–holiday hats and ugly sweaters encouraged–and feel free to bring snacks or drinks to share. Be prepared to sing carols as well as sharing short works. WOTA books will be available for sale if you need to tick items off that gift list!

November Writing Challenge

Looking for a little autumnal inspiration to fill that blank page? Try writing something with these words:

  • calm
  • creation
  • parallel
  • nation
  • robin
  • yeast
  • basking
  • invisible
  • expanding
  • stump
  • bizarre

Want a different prompt? Write an essay, story, scene, poem, or hybrid piece about making your favorite food.

Bring copies to the WOTA meeting on November 17, post to the Facebook page, or add in a comment here!

October writing challenge

October writing challenge

The first part of this challenge is to capture 13 words. Some ideas:

  1. Collect 13 words from storefronts or billboards you pass in your car or ads that pop up on your computer screen
  2. Pull a book off your shelf that you haven’t touched in years and randomly pick out 13 words from page numbers that include the numbers 1 and 3
  3. Give yourself 13 hours and pick a word once an hour that gives you a little tingle or chill
  4. Consult your favorite little ghoul(s) and have them suggest words

When you have your 13 words, write a spooky story, horrific poem, eerie essay, or other piece of your choosing. Bring a copy to pass around at the meeting and scare our socks off!

September Writing Challenge: Myths & Legends

Write a piece (100-1000 words) on a myth or legend from your life. It can be something you grew up with, something you discovered later in life, something you’ve always been guided or intrigued or haunted by, something entirely invented from your own pure brain, or something you share with others in a culture, a region, the world. Any and all myths are fair game, but we want to hear about the ones that obsess you. Bring a copy to the September meeting and/or post as comment here to share with others!

July writing challenge

Write something of any style, any genre with these words:


Post to the comments below, share in the Facebook group, or bring copies to share at the July 20 meeting in the third-floor meeting room at Musser Public Library, 6-8 pm. Happy writing!

The Teeter-Totter Writing Challenge

Has the soggy spring bogged down your muse? Are you looking for a prompt to get your writing for the day? Has it been a while since you challenged yourself to write something new and you’re just looking for a place to start?

WOTA is happy to bring you June’s writing challenge–to compose a short piece of any length, style, genre, or subject matter using the following words:


Bring your piece to the June meeting (details coming soon), post on our Facebook page, or share your work here and inspire others!

Nine adjectives and a coffee cup: a writing challenge

In our giddiness at being able to meet again in person, if distanced and masked, participants at the April WOTA meeting reinstated the writing challenge. Ready?

The challenge: use these 10 words to write a short piece in any style of your choosing–flash fiction, micro essay, poem, song, screenplay, hybrid, what have you. Post your piece below or in the Facebook group, and bring copies to the May meeting to share!


The noun is: COFFEE CUP.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!