September Word Challenge

If you’re in need of a prompt to make you pick up your pen, try WOTA’s September writing challenge:

Choose a homophone (no need to stick to this list) and write a piece that incorporates as many different meanings (and versions) of the words as you can think of. Poetry, prose, screenplay, hybrid–you know it’s all on the table. Surprise us!

You can post your piece in the comments selection below, post it to our Facebook group, and, of course, share your piece at one of the September meetings. Check the newsletter for the Zoom links for WOTA in the Afternoon on Thursday, September 3 and the regular Tuesday evening meeting on September 15. If you’re not on the newsletter but would like the link to attend the meeting, email us now.

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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  1. WOTA says:

    Here’s a poem to keep us going from member Dan Moore:

    The Plague

    Just like in twelve-oh-six, out of the Chinese sticks
    Came a plague of devastation.
    It was not a great Khan, who we got set upon
    That affected every nation.

    Across oceans and beaches, and every far reaches,
    The virus of twenty nineteen
    Changed all of our world, as a pandemic whirled,
    And altered our daily scene.

    For me worst of all was there was no baseball,
    Except for too short of a season.
    They had to alter rules, thumb their nose at old schools—
    Expediency being the reason.

    The designated hitter, made Senior Leaguers bitter;
    But we got plenty of double headers.
    To shorten up the winning, they stopped at seventh inning,
    To sort losers from the betters.

    Arguing balls or strikes meant automatic hikes.
    Umps would brook nary a retort.
    They’d give the heave ho, and players would go,
    Their outing being cut real short.

    But at least it was baseball and, for after all,
    The knothole gang is easy to please.
    Stadiums were vacant, cardboard fans were blatant,
    But I could watch it at home with ease.

    I did miss the sunshine, and players stealing a sign,
    And the general hullabaloo.
    But I acclimated, and was soon quite sated
    In the comfort of my new venue.

    There was a World Series, and close call queries,
    And grand slams, dingers, and taters.
    But best thing of all, from my TV on the wall,
    I was safe from viral violators.


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