Dystopian works

Since we are all living in an apocalyptic scenario right now–and all of Iowa is closed for business–this seems like it can’t help but spawn some wonderful writing. If you’ve written something COVID-19 inspired, whether by visions of global destruction or simply heaps of extra time stuck at home, share it in the comments below!

While the March 17 and April 2 meetings are cancelled due to public health emergency status, we are still planning to meet on Tuesday, April 21 at 6:00 pm in the Makerspace (room 17) of Musser Public Library.

In the meantime, you are also invited to participate in our Facebook community in order to continue sharing work, inspiration, and support.

Hang in there, everyone.


  1. WOTA says:

    A poem from Mike Bayles, WOTA member, titled “Dear Covid”:

    Dear Covid,

    How you turn light into shadows
    I wonder
    about lines drawn at the grocery store
    the talk where you and social distance
    are mentioned in one breath
    of how a cough stirs fear
    and neighbors wearing masks
    can’t even look at each other
    in aisles of a grocery store.
    I wonder how the mention of you
    makes the world stop
    and children ordered to stay inside
    how they cry,
    that you are the conversation
    a cold wind’s embrace
    on a sunny day in spring.
    You are a twisted line
    in a love poem;
    my friend’s restaurant is closed.
    I sit alone in my car in a park and watch
    restless waters as the river overflows.
    Take out at restaurants and bars
    leave me wanting for more
    while the town crier and poets
    say this is a sign
    the world will end.

    At a six-foot distance,


  2. WOTA says:

    A poem from Dan Moore, WOTA member, titled “Exile in My Own Land”:

    I’m an exile in my own land
    Bound to my confines at others’ choosing.
    I watch small bits of the world pass—
    Dogs, walkers, bikers and cars—
    All waiting for the all-clear.

    Then I will bolt forth,
    Take my spot in the line
    To enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and a cigar.

    All too soon I will return
    To my bunker and endure the wait.
    I will wait because there are lions out there
    Who will eat me.


  3. WOTA says:

    A poem from WOTA member Terry Mowl:

    Yesterday never occurred.
    Lying is not a sin.
    The truth is never conceived.
    The world is dark and dim.
    Bleak and drab within.
    Sunshine filters through the smog.
    Flowers are rarely perceived.
    Trash pollutes the lakes and streams.
    Children dirty, uneducated, and cold.
    Elders dying without medicine has been foretold.
    Suicide, death, and despair permeates the multitude.
    Life becomes a painful, dark impending demise.
    Ancient scholars foreboding rapture can’t be derived.
    Perplexing as it implies destiny may apprehend the sky.
    Survival will be a grateful compromise.


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